Required Reading for Prospective Students

Best read in the order listed.

A Koryu Primer by Diane Skoss

A Coconut Palm in Missouri by Dave Lowry

The Meaning of the Martial Arts: Some Reflections Along the Way by Diane Skoss

What is a Ryu? by Wayne Muromoto

Transmission & Succession in the Classical Arts by Meik Skoss

Some Thoughts on Learning Koryu in the West by Diane Skoss

Classical Martial Arts in the West: Problems in Transmission by Dave Lowry

So You Want to Join the Ryu? by Dave Lowry


Martial Arts and Ways of Japan by Donn Draeger

Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan edited by Diane Skoss

In the Dojo by Dave Lowry

Illuminated Spirit by Dan & Jackie DeProspero

Shinto Muso-ryu History

Muso Gonnosuke and the Shinto Muso-ryu Jo by Wayne Muromoto

Nishioka Tsuneo and the Pure Flow of the Jo by Wayne Muromoto

The Evolution of Classical Jojutsu by Dave Lowry

Shinto Muso-ryu Related Dojo

Shinto Muso-ryu Jo Menkyo kaiden Phil Relnick’s web site

Baltimore Jodo Under the direction of David Pitard, menkyo, student of Phil Relnick, in Baltimore, Maryland

Mikage Dojo Under the direction of Miho Lloyd, menkyo kaiden, in Helena, Montana

Renshinkan Under the direction of Charlie James, menkyo, student of Phil Relnick, in Mesa, Arizona.

Shobukan Dojo Under the direction of M. Fontenot, menkyo kaiden, in Lakewood, Colorado

Tenshin Buko-ryu

Tenshin Buko-ryu Home Page

Toda-ha Buko-ryu Naginatajutsu* by Meik Skoss

Toda-ha Buko-ryu: From Chichibu to the world* by Grigoris A.Miliaresis

Tenshin Buko-ryu: Hokusei Dojo under the direction of Ellis Amdur

* Some sources prior to 2022 may list Toda-ha Buko-ryu instead of Tenshin Buko-ryu. See the Tenshin Buko-ryu home page above for more information.