Shutokukan Membership Application

After you’ve completed the initial reading, which we assume you’ve done before considering this application, there are three additional steps.

First, fill out the application below. We’ll get back to you for an e-mail interview.

Second, if the results of the interview are satisfactory, we will invite you to attend 3 of our regular sessions for observation. We want to be sure that what you see is what you are after. It is extremely important that expectations are completely clear on both sides.

Thirdly, we’ll sit down with you after the third session for a brief chat.

If we are in accord at that point, you may join the dojo, and ask one of us to be your teacher.

Can you commit to training regularly on Sunday mornings (Toda-ha Buko-ryu) or Sunday afternoons (Shinto Muso-ryu)?

If your answer to this one is no, then there’s no need to fill out the form. We train on Sundays, and if you don’t have time then, there’s not much sense in proceeding.

Shutokukan Membership Application

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